Knowledgeable Customers Commend Hopkins Builders

Retired Army Colonel Dwayne Green and his wife, Starline, contracted Hopkins Builders to build their retirement home. Dwayne says, “It was a pleasure building this house. I’m a fan of Louie’s. He’s young and bright. He’s done amazing things at his age, and I don’t say that about many people.” He adds, “I’m not a novice when it comes to construction.”
Dwayne grew up working with his father in construction, and then earned an engineering degree from South Carolina State College. Before retiring from the Army, he realized he did not own any properties and started purchasing and renovating homes. Since retiring, he continues to work from home as a contractor for the Pentagon, and he continues to acquire and renovate properties of his own.
Dwayne interviewed eight builders before choosing Louie to build his family’s retirement home in Florence. Three important things to Dwayne were that Louie’s company was financially sound, the projects it constructed were high quality and Louie was very easy to work with.

Satisfied Customers for Personal Residence or Rental Properties

Dr. Douglas Snowden and his wife, Deryl, have a long professional and personal relationship with Louie Hopkins. As they began the process of planning and building their home in 2004, they discovered rental properties that Louie had constructed on speculation.
The Snowdens started purchasing some of those properties, and also had Louie build others for them. They now own 26 residential rental properties, including duplex apartments, two-story townhouses and a commercial building, all of which were built by Hopkins Builders.
Deryl says, “Even now, if I need anything done for our personal residence, I call him. He’s a good guy, and he really is a good builder. He’s loyal to his customers, and he works really hard to please them.”
She adds, “We have been very pleased. I think it speaks to his character that we’ve all remained friends and we can all go out to dinner together.”

Mortgage Rates Tick Upward

For years, mortgage rates have remained at historic lows. But that trend seems to finally be ending as the Federal Reserve begins to raise their rates. At one point in the last five years, mortgage rates have been as low as 3.36%. Those days may be over for good.
With that in mind, those considering a new home project would be wise to explore their options now rather than later. Hopkins Builders can answer all your questions about the process of building your dream home, as well as suggest neighborhood developments and lots. Give them a call today.

Hopkins Retains Customers

In 2003, Hopkins Builders built a home for Badge and Laura Baker in Florence. In 2008, when Badge’s employment took him to Manning, SC, they turned to Louie again. Badge says, “We were very pleased with how Louie built the first house, so we were happy to use him again for the second one. He was very prompt in doing what he said he was going to do. I thought Louie was very helpful with suggestions to dress up a room or to cut back on our costs.”
Badge says he was not up to date on building materials and methods, but Louie was, so when he read or heard about something new, he called Louie. “I relied on him to help out with that,” Badge says.

Home Damaged During the Hurricane?

The area is climbing back to normal as it attempts to clean up after Hurricane Matthew blew through. You may be one of the unlucky ones that experienced damage to your home. Many have been surprised at the enormous estimates to repair seemingly superficial damage. This may be a good time to think about trading up to a newly built home from Hopkins Builders. Look around your home and think about all the things you’d like to change. This may be a golden opportunity to make that leap to a brand new home! Give Louie a call to discuss the possibilities!

Don’t Renovate…Relocate!

Chris Arnold in a recent story on NPR, reports that home renovation is experiencing a boom, which has strained the ability to find a good contractor. Arnold reports that with rising home values, homeowners now have the ability to spruce up their living situations using their homes equity.
Some are spending upwards of $140,000 on kitchen renovations. Granted, this antidote is from the North East where prices are a bit higher, but it begs the question of when would moving to a newly constructed home be advantageous to fixing up the same old place. If you are thinking of a major renovation to your existing home, you should consider the opportunity to move to a new home, constructed just for you! Contact us today and we’ll be glad to walk you through your options!

Hopkins Builders Celebrates 15 years

Owner Louie Hopkins is a second-generation builder. As a youth, he began helping on construction sites and eventually worked his way up to overall management. With hands-on experience in various phases of construction, he founded Hopkins Builders in 2001 with the knowledge that making customers happy was the only way to be successful, and the company soon earned a sterling reputation.
Louie says, “We try to go above and beyond in all of our homes. All of them exceed energy-efficiency standards. I think our customers appreciate that we try to give them a higher-quality home with larger moldings, custom cabinets and a variety of flooring options.”

Owning Your Home Still The Best Investment

According to a recent story by the AP, 10 years after the housing peak, homeowners are far better off than those who are renting. The huge drop in interest rates have made housing much less expensive than renting in addition to gaining equity. Renters are faced with rising costs due to the higher demand for rental properties. These stark realities prove once again that owning your own home is bar far one of the best investments you can make. If you’ve ever considered building your new dream home you owe it to yourself to explore the many opportunities. Louie at Hopkins builders will be glad to discuss those possibilities today, give him a call at 843.992.4697.

Mortgage Rates Rising, Now is the Time to Build Your Dream Home

As the Fed hints at rate increases, Mortgage rates have ticked upward, according to a recent Forbes report. While forecasting what rates will do in the future is anyone guess, reason has it that the historic low rates can’t last forever. If you’ve been thinking about building, now by be the best time to start the process for your dream home. Contact Hopkins Builders today and we’ll talk you through the process and what you need to do to get on track toward your new home!

Select Lots in New Developments

Hopkins Builders is excited to offer several options for building lots in new developments around town. The Summit at Oakdale has sizable building lots available in a new development off Pine Needles Road in West Florence area. Building activity is just beginning and this would be a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor, no pun intended. Several of the lots offer waterfront views as they back up to a long narrow lake.
Also coming up is Phase VII of Windsor Forest. These building lots may go quickly in this much sought after neighborhood.
Contact us about these two offerings today. Call 843.992.4697.