Hopkins Builders Boasts of Enthusiastic Clients

Guy and Tara Ballenger are enthusiastic clients of Hopkins Builders.

Tara says people had told her horror stories about the building process, and she was really nervous about going through it, especially since she was pregnant with their second child. “Louie has really made it easy for me. There’s a certain air about him that makes me feel very comfortable. It’s not been overwhelming at all. I go by every day. I’ve seen every little stage, which has been really neat. It makes it a little more exciting.”

“I’ve had in my mind what I wanted forever,” she says, adding that she drew on numerous “scratches” of paper, took them to an architect that Louie recommended, and they created her home exactly like she wanted.
Tara took pictures of every stage of the process, beginning with the groundbreaking, and created a scrapbook, preserving good memories of her building experience.

She also dealt with some of the subcontractors, including the carpenter who did the trim. “It’s amazing that I can show this guy a picture and he can do exactly what’s in the picture,” she says.
Louie says, “We’ve created a team of subcontractors that work well with the homeowner and the contractor.”