Knowledgeable Customers Commend Hopkins Builders

Retired Army Colonel Dwayne Green and his wife, Starline, contracted Hopkins Builders to build their retirement home. Dwayne says, “It was a pleasure building this house. I’m a fan of Louie’s. He’s young and bright. He’s done amazing things at his age, and I don’t say that about many people.” He adds, “I’m not a novice when it comes to construction.”
Dwayne grew up working with his father in construction, and then earned an engineering degree from South Carolina State College. Before retiring from the Army, he realized he did not own any properties and started purchasing and renovating homes. Since retiring, he continues to work from home as a contractor for the Pentagon, and he continues to acquire and renovate properties of his own.
Dwayne interviewed eight builders before choosing Louie to build his family’s retirement home in Florence. Three important things to Dwayne were that Louie’s company was financially sound, the projects it constructed were high quality and Louie was very easy to work with.